Shareview - CTO
Shareview - CTO

Shareview - CTO

CTO of Shareview since 2020, a new social network that aims to share landscapes from all over the world. I designed the whole infrastructure on AWS EKS, Backend services and worked on the mobile application.
2020 - Now
Social network, Videos, Encoding, Mobile, Website, Email
Go GraphQL React-Native Expo, Micro Services Kubernetes EKS AWS Email Helm ElasticSearch Fluentd, Kibana Next.js, CI/CD, Chromecast

  • The infrastructure is fully managed with terraform and ekstcl.
  • Backend services are written in Go and expose a GraphQL API.
  • Backend services communicates with a pub/sub queue, for tasks such as video encoding.
  • Deployment is automated with a CI/CD and Helm charts.
  • Monitoring is made with Sentry and EFK stack (ElasticSearch, Fluentd and Kibana).
  • The mobile application is made with React-Native.
  • Front-end is made with Next.js.
Available for iOS and Android.