Bilberry - FullStack & DevOps
Bilberry - FullStack & DevOps

Bilberry - FullStack & DevOps

Intelligent Spot Spraying System that reduces the usage of herbicide by more than 80% while protecting the environment and lowering the costs for farmers dramatically.
2018 - 2020
Artificial intelligence, Hardware devices, Plants recognition, AI Labelling web platform
Python, Django, React, Rancher, Kubernetes, OVH, GCP, Docker, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

  • I migrated the old infrastructure from single server Docker deployment to Kubernetes on Google Cloud.
  • I had to migrate stored objects and databases data and automate the deployment with a CI/CD.
  • This led to a better scalability of the infrastructure and more safety for the storage of the data.
  • I worked on multiple services based on a Django / React / PostgreSQL / MongoDB.
  • I made a 6-month internship and continued to work for them.